Our objective is to save the lives of our “High Risk” Senior population with in home and drive thru testing for RPP Covid-19 with accurate results within 3-7 days.


COVID-19 is a Respiratory infection that has attributed to over 80% of all COVID19 deaths in the United States over 65. If you’re a Senior, over 65 and  symptomatic, call 1-888-311-9959 Today to get tested for R-P-P-COVID-19 in the comfort of your own home or Senior Living Center. If you qualify…a licensed Medical professional will come to your home to perform the test!

COVID-19 is the silent killer of our Seniors and it’s not going away!

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Respiratory Pathogens Panel COVID-19 Test at a glance

Why Get Tested?


To determine whether you have a respiratory infection due to certain bacteria or viruses including Covid-19; to help guide management of a respiratory infection.


When to get Tested?


If you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or are considered “HIGH RISK” including Seniors who are 65 or older.


Sample Required?


A sample is collected from the back of your nose and throat (nasopharyngeal swab). This is done by having you tip your head back, then a swab is gently inserted through a nostril until resistance is met (about 1 to 2 inches), then rotated several times and withdrawn. This may tickle a bit and cause the eyes to tear. Alternatively, a nasal wash or aspirate may be collected. A syringe is used to push a small amount of sterile saline into the nose, then gentle suction is applied (for the aspirate)

Associations & Vetted By:

Natural State Laboratories is CLIA certified ( Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment of 1988) through the centers for Medicare & Medicade Services (CMS)

CFUSA has either worked with or through an association with all of the above noted entities in the implementation of our first Drive thru and In Home testing services in the State of Nevada.

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